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Hi, I'm Chef Esmeralda and I specialize in creating extravagant cakes for dream weddings, special events, or birthday parties! In addition to cakes, I can provide unique sweets like personalized cupcakes, cake-pops, tarts, one-of-a-kind chocolates and much more. I look forward to making your next event Sinfully Sweet!

Butterfly Party

The Sweets Table!

Yummy White Cake filled with Lemon Curd!

Hand Crafted royal icing Butterflys!

Yummy Vanilla cupcakes filled with Raspberry Preserves topped with a Lemon Curd Buttercream!

Tasty Sugar cookies decorated with yummy Royal Icing!

Vanilla Cake mixed with Lemon Curd Buttercream Cake Pops!
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Turtle Themed Baby Shower Cake and Sweets!

Turtle cake Matched the baby comforter and invitation!

Individually decorated Sugar Cookies!

Confetti Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream decorated with hand cut turtles!

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Iron Man Cake

Red Velvet cake with Cream cheese Filling
and Devils food Cake filled with a Banana Vanilla French Buttercream

Iron Man's head is made of Crispie Treats!
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Halloween Cauldron and matching Spooky Cake Pops

Spice Cake with Peaches and Cream Cheese Filling
and Devils Food Cake filled with Ganache!

Cake pops are Cookies and Cream!
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Traditional Wedding Cake

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Elmo Birthday Cake and Sweets

Crispy treats/ Chocolate Elmo Cake on top of a walk around of Elmo's world in Crayon that's yellow cake filled with Ganache.  With  cake pops simulating Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch
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VOLTRON Defender of the Universe

VOLTRON Crispy Treats robot standing on a Chocolate Cake PLANET!!!
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Finding Nemo Cake

Chocolate cake covered in an ocean colored fondant which is decorated with hand crafted Nemo and Dory.  And the sand is created with cake crumbs!
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Baptism Cake

Chocolate bottom layered cake covered in fondant decorated with a quilted pattern and the top layer is vanilla cake covered with strips of colored fondant which is topped with a hand crafted gum paste cross!
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Cherry Blossom Snow Barn Owl Cake

This cute cake is covered in butter cream and decorated with hand crafted cherry blossoms and barn owls!
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Valentines Day Cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes topped with a chocolate french butter cream and hand crafted cherry blossom gum paste flowers!
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Chinese New Year's Cake

Year Of the Tiger New Years cake decorated with red butter cream with a chocolate embossed border and a hand painted Chinese Tiger painting on a gum paste banner!
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Dia De Los Muertos and Tattoo Birthday Cake

This cake is covered in butter cream that's decorated with hand sculpted and hand painted skulls along with a gum paste mother's heart tattoo!
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Shades Of Champagne Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was decorated with a simple embossed pattern, lightly colored to look like lace, along with a cascade of an arrangement of edible flowers!
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Country Style Wedding Cake

An elegantly flavored wedding cake decorated with fresh daisies and sunflowers!
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Cupcake Garden

Devils Food Cake flavored with cayenne pepper, topped with fondant flowers and ladybugs!
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Baby Shower Cake

A cake for baby Rozlynn Lousie Overbeck.  The wooden letter blocks are made from fondant and are completely edible.
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Wizard Of Oz Wedding Cake

All the characters were incorporated by they're symbols from the Great Oz, such as the Tin Man's heart, Scarecrow's Diploma, Lions Badge of Courage, and Dorothy's Red Slippers and her basket with Toto inside.  Each symbol was set into they're appropriate scene from the movie!
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Transformers Birthday Cake

Four foot tall Optimus Prime cake.
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